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Answer 17 simple questions to assess how susceptible you may be towards depression. At the end, your answers will be converted into points between 0 and 84, with a higher score indicating a higher tendency towards depression.

A higher score is also an indication of how much you will stand to gain from reading the book, "Depression. Free yourself." by Ran Davies.

This is a genuine test. Your susceptibility towards depression will be calculated if you answer the questions truthfully. We recommend that anybody scoring more than about 25 will benefit from the book.

NB. The test score is not an indication of "how depressed" a person is right now. It is an indication of susceptibility towards depression at some point in the future based on the ideas in the book.

Disclaimer. This website and book does not provide medical advice of any kind and nothing is intended to serve as a substitute for medical advice or diagnoses given by your doctor.


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Question 1 of 17

Who should be responsible for making sure that senior school kids get good grades?

  The kids themselves
  Their parents
  Their teachers
  The government

Question 2 of 17

I just noticed that somebody stole my purse while I was out shopping. Whose fault is this?

  The store manager
  The thief
  Society generally
  Mine. I should have been more careful

Question 3 of 17

I go to visit my dead loved-one's grave every

  few years/never

Question 4 of 17

Last weekend in the pub I tripped on the step and fell over, injuring my knee. I should make a compensation claim against

  the pub landlord
  the brewery that owns the pub
  the council, who granted the pub's licence
  nobody. I should have looked where I was going

Question 5 of 17

I'm still angry with my partner who disrespected me. I want to

  forget about it
  kill them
  gouge out their eyes and kill them
  gouge out their eyes, kill them and then burn the body!

Question 6 of 17

When my kids don't do as they're told, I need to

  keep telling them increasingly loudly until they do what they're supposed to
  leave them to their own devices
  get cross with them
  apply discipline which is firm but fair

Question 7 of 17

When is the last time that you threw or smashed some object in anger?

  this week
  this month
  this year
  Never. I dont get angry with objects.

Question 8 of 17

The last time my partner and I weren't speaking to each other it lasted for:

  about five minutes
  about an hour or two
  a few days or more
  this kind of thing doesn't happen in our relationship

Question 9 of 17

While driving I find myself shouting at stupid drivers:

  maybe once or twice a week
  daily. The roads are full of idiots!

Question 10 of 17

On average, how many times do you need to ask before your kid(s) will do something?

  They do as they're told straight away
  I don't have kids
  Usually two or three times
  I have to nag them to get them to react

Question 11 of 17

In the last five years when you've been sitting alone, how many times have you been thinking that you hate yourself?

  A few times I suppose
  Several times each day
  Almost constantly

Question 12 of 17

How important is it that you commemorate the anniversary of the death of your loved-one?

  I think about them if I remember the date but it isn't in my diary
  We have a family occasion to mark the date
  I always light a candle or raise a glass on that date
  Irrelevant. I don't do it.

Question 13 of 17

When was the last time that you saw a ghost?

  I have seen a ghost but it was quite a long time ago
  Of course I haven't; it's a load of superstitious nonsense
  I've never seen one but I believe that they're all around us
  I see one or more ghosts quite often

Question 14 of 17

Puctuality. When a few of us are going out

  I don't go out in a group
  I'm one of the first to be ready
  I usually manage to get ready with minutes to spare
  I'm normally last and the one who everybody else ends up waiting for

Question 15 of 17

When my partner does something to upset me I normally end up telling

  several people
  a couple of close friends
  one special person
  I don't get upset in that way

Question 16 of 17

How stressed are you?

  My doctor has signed me off work due to stress-related ailments
  I'm often stressed to the point where I have headaches and insomnia but I battle on
  I don't get stressed often, just now and then
  I don't do stress at all

Question 17 of 17

Dogs in your home

  The more the better; I have several
  I have one precious friend who means everything to me
  My family has always had a dog at home
  Dogs are too high-maintenance and tie you down too much

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