Free yourself.

A book by Ran Davies

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About this book

In a direct and easy-to-read style, 'Free yourself' rejects the presumption that depression is a medical condition which can only be resolved by drugs and goes straight to the real root causes, providing a list of simple, everyday behaviours which are to be avoided by the reader in the future. It also includes powerful and straightforward self-help techniques to help people to overcome recurring negative thoughts and emotions. This little book could be the best pocket change that you will ever spend.

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This book is a fascinating and engaging read which will take an hour or two to finish. It will plant seeds of wisdom inside you which will enable you to feel more powerful every day and MUCH less susceptible to depression. It works by helping you to eliminate problem behaviours which can eventually cause these harmful side-effects. It really isn't difficult and doesn't ask very much from the reader.

For less than the price of a pub lunch, maybe this little book will change the course of your life.

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