About this book

Free yourself from depression? Sounds wonderful doesn't it - almost too good to be true!

This book is quite short and will take between one hour and two hours to read. Most people then need a little time for things to sink in and to read some pages again. You will feel much better immediately and that is guaranteed. If you follow the instructions properly your life will be transformed and whether it takes four hours, four days or even four years, your future will be better.

There are lots of other books claiming to help with depression but MOST SEEM POINTLESS and here's why:

Most other books all try to make people feel happier. "Take some exercise; spend time with friends; go swimming; watch a comedy; think yourself better!". Don't you find this kind of thing patronising?

It's almost as though they think that if they can make you smile then your depression has been cured, which of course is just ridiculous.

Some of that stuff might make you feel better for a little while and you might be able to 'pump some more air into your tyre' by doing some exercise or whatever, but your slow puncture of depression hasn't been repaired and by the next morning you're in the same position because it hasn't tackled the underlying cause. That's because the authors don't know what the cause is. In fact even your doctor doesn't know. He or she has been trained that depression is a mysterious, complicated illness with no known cure, and to prescribe a course of antidepressants. And this is why millions of people are depressed and living sad lives feeling powerless and hopeless with no way out.

This book is a breakthrough because for the first time in the history of mankind, the unexpectedly simple causes of depression will be explained along easy-to-follow guidance in order to banish your feelings of helplessness and futility.

"Free Yourself" is unique. You will find it EASY and STRAIGHTFORWARD to change the few day-to-day behaviours which have been causing you to become depressed in the first place. Within a matter of HOURS you will begin to feel empowered and filled with a strong desire to free yourself at last. These changes will be PERMANENT. Reading these 88 pages will give you the means to fix your slow puncture.

Imagine depression is like falling into a deep, dark pit with slippery sides which you can't climb. What you need is for somebody to lower a ladder down to you.

This book provides you with a strong, safe ladder. All you need to do is climb the ladder by reading the book. It's that easy.

Here are the top two author FAQs:

Q. How can you help with my depression when you've never experienced depression personally?

A. Does a lifeguard need to have previously drowned in order to save somebody's life in a swimming pool? The question is irrelevant. Do you want a ladder or not?

Q. How can you write about depression when you have no medical qualifications?

A. My qualifications are in psychotherapy. Contrary to popular belief, in most cases depression is not a medical condition. If doctors had a cure for your depression, you wouldn't even be reading this because you'd already be cured. With all due respect to the medical profession I believe it is going about it completely the wrong way - focusing on the symptoms rather than the cause and looking for ever-more-powerful antidepressants. These pills don't help anybody's depression - they just make life slightly more bearable while you're still depressed. In this book you will read why depression is not a medical condition and therefore medical qualifications are irrelevant. The research scientists might one day read it and kick themselves. This book is still very new but I believe it will come to change the way the world thinks about depression and millions of people will be helped.

NB. It is true that unresolved depression can eventually lead to medical problems. However the initial cause of depression is not medical and therefore has nothing in common with your doctor's expertise.

Huh. Everybody says depression is incurable. What if the book doesn't work for me? Will you give me my money back?

Yes, I will!

I'm so confident that you will benefit from reading this little book that in the unlikely event the you read all the way through and find that it doesn't help you at all, contact the author and I will personally refund your purchase price (less any delivery charge). You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Before spending any money take this short test which will give you an indication of how depressed you might be. If you score anything over about 20, you should read this book! I promise it will help you!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the journey! Please come back and leave a review, or a comment on the website - thank you.

Ran Davies, November 2015