Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, you read that right!

What if the book doesn't work for me? Will you give me my money back? - Yes, I will!


In the unlikely event the you read all the way through and find that it doesn't help you at all, contact the author and I will personally refund your purchase price (less any delivery charge). You have absolutely nothing to lose.

We recommend that before spending your money you take this short test which will give you an indication of how susceptible to depression you might be and therefore how much you might stand to gain by reading the book. If you score anything over about 20 I recommend you read it and anywhere over 40 means it's getting more urgent! I promise it will help you and strengthen your character!

* This guarantee applies to uninscribed paperback books only and your money will be refunded when the book is returned in good condition. Owing to the way Amazon works there is currently no way to "return" a Kindle book.